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And now for the Weather

April 30, 2007

Science is often accused of being arrogant. Whether it is or not is a moot point. What is indisputable, is that science has an awful lot to be arrogant about. After thousands of years of stagnation and stifled lack of progress, science in the past three centuries has freed us from the chains of darkness […]

Carnival Alert

April 29, 2007

The eagerly awaited inaugural edition of the new blog carnival The Humanist Symposium, including my article The Credit We Deserve, is now up at the founding site, Daylight Atheism. I believe this carnival will quickly be established as a key channel of atheist writing. Please pay a visit and savour the first of what I’m […]

The Virginia Tech Massacre

April 27, 2007

It has now been eleven days since the Virginia Tech Massacre, and so far I have said nothing about it on this blog. The reason for this, is quite simply that I couldn’t think of anything to say. I wanted to, but every time I sat at my computer to write something, I froze. Not […]

Carnival Alert

April 25, 2007

The 37th Carnival of the Liberals, including my article Positive Discrimination (whince!), is now up at BogsBlog.

Introducing my Blogroll

April 24, 2007

I feel that A Load of Bright is now past its initial fluid phase, and is well into the process of consolidation. The first six weeks have been a little bit like moving into a new house. I’ve had to get settled in and get used to where everything is. I’ve put up a few […]

Site Announcement: A Date for your Diary

April 23, 2007

On 10th April I referred you to Daylight Atheism’s announcement of a new carnival, the Humanist Symposium. I am now pleased to reveal that the 6th edition of the Humanist Symposium will be hosted here at A Load of Bright on 12th August, 2007. I will, of course, draw your attention to it nearer the […]

Positive Discrimination (wince!)

April 19, 2007

In the age of political correctness in which we live, almost every employer has an equal opportunities policy or mission statement. This is the equal opportunities policy of the Metropolitan Police Force. Equal Opportunities The Metropolitan Police Service seeks to employ a work force which reflects the diversity of background and culture within which we […]

Abstain With Me

April 16, 2007

This news story from the BBC reports that a new study has shown that students in America who attend “abstinence classes” are no more likely to abstain from sex then students who receive regular sex education. Well, I didn’t see that one coming (no pun intended). “Abstinence only” sex education is, to quote Roy Zimmerman […]

UK Faith Schools Petition

April 15, 2007

A few days ago, I received this email from the Brights Movement. Fellow Brights A previous UK BrightenOp (November 22) drew attention to a faith schools petition at the official Downing Street website. However there is a second very similar petition at the site, and for whatever reason this second petition has accrued a higher […]

A Humanist Lesson: The Prayer of Serenity

April 14, 2007

Christians believe that their holy text, the Bible, is the inerrant word of God. They believe it can be referred to as a complete guide on how to live your life and secure salvation. However, the religion has also produced an abundance of extra-biblical teachings and doctrines. Many of these reflect the cruelty and intolerance […]