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A Shout-Out to Pat Condell

I would like to draw your attention to the work of my fellow Englishman, atheist stand-up comedian Pat Condell. He has lately been posting articles and videos from his Myspace page, his website and Youtube. Although he is very funny, hilarious, in fact, I’ve been far more impressed with his content for its serious, far reaching depth and clarity.

He has a way with words far beyond mine. So often, I find him saying something that makes me think: That’s what I’ve always thought, but I could never have put it as clearly as that! For me, this is the mark of a great mind, and a great writer.

Please take a look for yourself at the work of Mr. Condell (particularly the videos), but as an example here, I’d like to show you a recent video called The United States of Jesus. It is a response to an accusation of being “anti-American”. I have included it here because I too have had that allegation levelled at me. I refer my own accusers to this video because, as always, Condell puts it better than I ever could.

7 Responses to “A Shout-Out to Pat Condell”

  1. I first saw Pat about a month ago, and I completely share your observation on his clarity and lucidity.

  2. I stumbled upon Pat Condell whilst trawling around Youtube and I have to agree with everything you said. It is a rare gift to be able to make people laugh. And an even rarer one to make them think. With Pat you get both, and I always feel cheered by hearing him talk. Another British atheist to be proud of.

    PS I am greatly enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  4. @ XanderG

    I am greatly enjoying your blog, keep up the good work!

    Thank you very much!

    @ Amissio

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you, and your most welcome. 🙂


    firstly, we guessed you beat your wife, that whisky man face, that nasty look in your eye, no idiot in a checked shirt with so much beleif in self-opinions could listen to a wife nag (ironic that little quirk you have, for what you critisize religion, you take the same approach in pontificating opinion as fact)

    secondly you’re sad, the manner in which you talk to the camera, you’d love to be on newsnight as the king of opinion, but your not, so you found youtube, then, in realising just how non-factual/ ignorant your ramblings are, how they are without basis or sound judgement, you label it comedy, well, your not funny, clever or witty in any way. youre boring, and smarmy in that you think you’re entertaining.this is not comedy.
    next, i hate you, you represent that group of f*&%cks that prop-up the injustice in democracy, your daily-mail reading, im expressing a facist opinion (but its ok cos its a joke haha) after dinner politicians attitude. opinions like yours by tacit support lead to governments like that which took hold of germany.
    You’re also offensive, i am not of any religion, i’m agnoistic, i don’t profess to know any greater truth, but, like many people, i respect the beleifs of others, and do not voice such denegrations of that which is most dear to their hearts, iam not a muslim, or a christian, but i still found you offensive and i am sure others do, you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Sometimes light hearted or even crude jokes about the most sensitive subjects are funny and uoffensive, the reason being that the subject is religion, but the purpose and result is comedy, you’re not funny, and your purpose is not comedy, it’s a platform for the sad ignorant man that you are.
    You also seem rather stupid, bunching groups together with wild generalizations and vague knowlege to support spurious statements of underlying bitterness with a failed attempt at using comedy as a guise or creating it. as a small point of interest, have you ever considered just what your beleifs are? you are an atheist? you really know theres no god?thats rather arrogant, and by your logic, equally “Psycopathic” as i am sure you would term it if it were a positive beleif in God. actually , it is no more improbable, or probable, impossible, or possible that our reaity is a childs lego-set, than that we are one conciousness in the mind of God, and the imagination of ourselves. open your small mind to possibility.
    Oh and just in case you’re reading this with a smarmy attitude rationalising to your beleifs what i’m telling you: well the “joke”, which isnt that funny, is on you pat condell. your come-uppance, the negative karma / damnation in hellfire or whatever its termed: you shall receive as punishment for this bidding which you have undertaken . I guess you’re already rationalising to yourself that the idea of hell/negative karma is rubbish? its wrong, anyone who beleives that is one of your ingnorant relgious psycopaths yeah? no. you are wrong. hell/negative karma is a concept. youve already received your karma or hell…settled in yet? let me explain; that which you try to releive with this youtube outlet, that negative thought process you display, those damaging, negative thoughts you have, that yearning for your mindset to be listened to, that bitter mindset which tortures you gently, and chatters back at you in your mind… theres your karma, theres your hell. i pity you.

  6. Whoa0: What does this comment “we guessed you beat your wife” mean?
    Where on earth did you hear that Pat Condell beats his wife? That’s quite a statement – got proof?

    Have you even WATCHED Pat’s other videos?

    He’s a very well educated, well spoken, polite and funny guy. His videos are watched by tens of thousands of people. Oh, and I bet he knows where an apostrophe goes.

  7. It is trully refreshing to hear a voice telling the truth for a change, without fear of the inevitable labels that appear as a result. It is also entirely predicable that the “You obviously beat your wife” comment should happen. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? So let’s all beat the messenger…scream “rascist” ,”biggot”, ANYTHING other than have our precious, superstitious beliefs questioned, and yes RIDICULED.

    It constantly amazes me that the people who shout the loudest at critcism of religion are the poeple who have CLEARLY never read the gibberish they claim to live their lives by.

    The sooner mankind stops believing in some Magic Grey Bearded Pscycopath in the Sky the sooner we’ll all be better off.

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