A Load of Bright
An atheist's views on religion and the supernatural

Take a look…

There’s a nice bit of artwork over at Naked Pastor. Made me giggle.

3 Responses to “Take a look…”

  1. Hey! No giggling allowed! You’re an atheist. Don’t you know that when you have no source for morality, you also lose your sense of humor.

    The world will be a bleak place without god! Get used to it. 😀

  2. Lol. Er, I mean, yes! Sir! (stands to attention with a concrete expression, as for a drill seargant)

  3. When are you infidels going to learn that Gawwd created laughter on Day 6. Therefore, your whole basis of humor really derives from the Judeo-Christian ethic.
    All kidding aside, I really do get a kick out of all of N.P.’s Jaunts with Jesus. Especially the one with that angry “Secret-er” putting out his grubby little paw for money from JC. 😀

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