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Amazing Jesus

June 30, 2007

Time for a little religious satire.  This video of my fellow countryman Rowan Atkinson portrays a far more interesting and entertaining version of the water-into-wine miracle story.

Everything Happens for a Reason

June 28, 2007

If I had a penny for every time something bad has happened to me and someone has tried to comfort me with the words, “everything happens for a reason”, I’d be rich. There seems to be an unspoken understanding in society, a consensus that the expected response to this luke-warm platitude is to nod sincerely, […]

I Got Tagged by that Damn Pest, the Exterminator

June 26, 2007

This one’s been going around, I suppose it was going to get me in the end. I don’t normally bother with stuff like this, but I’m doing it just so I can tag Evanescent, who really hates doing stuff like this. Here are the rules: * We have to post these rules before we give […]

On the Knighting of Salman Rushdie

June 26, 2007

Last week the author Salman Rushdie was honoured with a Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II for services to literature. Rushdie has been a target of Islamic hate since his work The Satanic Verses was published in 1988. In 1989, the Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini proclaimed a fatwa against Rushdie. The international Islamic response […]

UK Faith Schools Petition Update

June 25, 2007

Back in April I urged my British readers to sign an online petition to ban faith schools in the UK. The Prime Minster’s office has now responded to that petition. The Government remains committed to a diverse range of schools for parents to choose from, including schools with a religious character or “faith schools” as […]

Carnival Alert

June 24, 2007

The 69th Carnival of the Godless is now up at The Uncredible Hallq, and includes my article The Scoreboard Fallacy.

Rate your blog

June 23, 2007

Following on from Atheist Revolution, many bloggers are keen to see how their blogs are rated in terms of their suitability for children, so I thought I’d see how A Load of Bright came out. As you can see, “some material may be inappropriate for children under 13”. Although that’s not bad, I was a […]

Meeting Richard Dawkins: Update

June 21, 2007

As I previously told you all, earlier in the month I attended a radio interview with Richard Dawkins, and was lucky enough to ask him a question. I have now received this email from the BBC regarding the broadcast date. Here are the listening details: You can listen to the Richard Dawkins World Book Club […]

My Recommended Reading

June 19, 2007

I’ve always been fascinated by de-conversion stories. I couldn’t even estimate how many I’ve read, I really can’t get enough of them. I’ve always pestered my friend Ellis14 (author of Evanescent), who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness to write his, but he’s always been reluctant. He has now finally written it, and as soon […]

Something is Rotten in the Garden of Eden

June 17, 2007

Any claim which is built on multiple absolutes makes itself vulnerable to logical contradictions. This is seen as clearly in the Problem of Evil as anywhere else. The Christian god is presented as omnipotent, omniscient and omni-benevolent, and yet we live in a world which is plagued with evil and suffering. Ironically, this anomaly was […]