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Meeting Richard Dawkins: Update

As I previously told you all, earlier in the month I attended a radio interview with Richard Dawkins, and was lucky enough to ask him a question. I have now received this email from the BBC regarding the broadcast date.

Here are the listening details:

You can listen to the Richard Dawkins World Book Club programme online for a week from Tuesday 31st July as part of the writing and literature programme ‘The Word’, here:


Or find out the time ‘The Word’ goes out in your area from 31st July, on World service Radio, here:


After that week, the programme will be archived online on the ‘World Book Club’ website for you to listen to whenever you like, here:


I will post a reminder nearer the time.

5 Responses to “Meeting Richard Dawkins: Update”

  1. I’ll be squeezing a few hours on July 31 into my busy atheist’s calendar.
    If I burn a few less bibles that day, I suppose I can increase my quota on August 1.

  2. Don’t forget your commitment to the cute kitty roundup and slaughter, Exterminator. You have a monthly quota to meet, and it is the end of the month.

  3. Exactly the sort of banter one would expect to transpire between “The Exterminator” and the “Spanish Inquisitor.” 😀

  4. This isn’t the same The Word as Terry Christian’s The Word, is it? I tried to avoid that shit the first time around. 😉

    I’ll be keeping an ear open for that. Not having a radio, I think I might have to listen via the telly.

  5. @ Nullifiidian

    Lol. I’d completely forgotten about The Word. That really was just bad tv. No, thankfully, this is different.

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