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On Gay Marriage

I had been planning to post an article on gay marriage some time soon (I’ve also been planning to write an article on procrastination, but I keep putting it off), but I’m glad to say that Ebonmuse has beaten me to it at Daylight Atheism. He’s done a far more thorough and clinical job than I would have done, so it’s my pleasure to direct you to it.

Had I written my thoughts on the matter, though, I would have included Roy Zimmerman’s great song Defenders of Marriage, which I’ve decided to do anyway. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “On Gay Marriage”

  1. Tobe, you’re spot on my friend! Ebonmuse did do a much better job than you could have done.. 😉

  2. Thank you Evanescent! I thought it was a shrewd point when I made it, and I’m glad you so heartily agree.

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