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The Nonbelieving Literati Looms Large

The Exterminator at No More Hornets came up with a great idea called The Nonbelieving Literati. I happily signed up, but, as was my tradition throughout my formal education, I am running extremely late with my homework! My copy of Julian arrived the other day and damn! It’s much longer than I expected. And I’ve still not had a chance to start it.

Anyway, this is really just a quick note to say I won’t be writing much, if anything at all, in the next week, because I don’t want to have to tell the Exterminator that the dog ate my assignment. After that I will be preparing to host The Carnival of the Godless on the 30th, so there probably won’t be much of substance here for the last two weeks of the month either.

Normal service will resume in October, my thanks for your patience and understanding.

3 Responses to “The Nonbelieving Literati Looms Large”

  1. That’s ok Tobe, it’ll give people a chance to go back and read some of your great archived material!

  2. We’ll be looking forward to your post. If your dog wants to chime in, he’s welcome, too.

  3. I know how you feel, Tobe. I actually have changed since my old days of procrastinating on homework – but I’m still a slow reader! Thankfully, I’ve become so accustomed to mainly reading popular science that this excursion back to my reading roots (fiction) was very pleasant and easy (for me).

    But I do feel the world closing in as the date gets closer. I’ve been working on my own project for my blog that has taken more time than I thought. I suspect there won’t be too much posting on the old blog this week!

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