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Must-Read Posts and another Milestone

Well folks, it’s six months today since A Load of Bright first graced the internet. As I promised, I’ve added the Must-Read Posts section to the sidebar to mark the occasion. At present, they’ve all been voted for by readers, but I may add one or two of my own at some point. (I’m also having a bit of trouble with the spacing at the moment, bear with me!) Please feel free to nominate any post at any time to join the section.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to all my readers and regular commenters for humouring me all this time, and giving me the incentive to keep writing.

4 Responses to “Must-Read Posts and another Milestone”

  1. Well, as one of your newer readers and commenters I’d like to thank you for doing that. I think it’s probably something we should all do on our blogs to point out to people the major direction of our blogs. It could be the way Tobe has done it or it could be just something like directing readers to a few of what you consider your best works to be. That way you can get a real feel for someones blog without having to try to go back through months or years of posts. Good job as usual Tobe. You got me thinkin’!

  2. Thanks John! Although I have to confess I got the idea from Daylight Atheism, and other blogs have done similar things.

  3. Good idea! I have something similar (a “most popular” box to the side) but that is probably much better. And congrats on 6 months. You have a number of loyal readers it appears.

  4. Still too new to the blogging game to have a greatest hits list, but it sounds like a fine idea!

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