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If you are unaware of the current situation at the Internet Infidels Discussion Board, Ebonmuse can fill you in. Until the wrongs are put right, I am removing Internet Infidels and IIDB from my links.

On another note, I apologise for my continued negligence of my blogging duties. I do at least have some ideas now, but very little time or energy to actually write articles. I would rather reduce the frequency of posting than dilute the quality of my writing by rushing my work.

4 Responses to “IIDB”

  1. Internet Infidels? That’s odd that things went the way they did (I read your link). Well, I don’t think we should stop using II, I mean, this is a minor internal issue for them.

    By the way, check out my blog, in which I debunk creationism:



  2. Still no new posts! Come on Tobe this is getting ridiculous. All your regular visitors are coming to my blog and noticing how much better it is! You need to get back in the game!

    If this keeps up I might even go to Twelve’s blog!

  3. I’ve gotta agree with evanescent. What kind of kick in the ass do you need? Get cracking, pal.

  4. It is great to hear that the infidels are at least talking, considering carefully what makes sense and what does not. How important it is to keep an open-mind, especially when new and logical views appear that change our understanding of reality.
    I challenge atheists who say we just don’t have our brains in gear: 166 years ago Abbott’ s ‘Flatland’ showed that contiguous geometrical worlds explain where God is and why we can’t see him. So we wrote ‘Techie Worlds’ for mechanical people and did the scientific thing: we looked at Christian teachings like the Trinity, like resurrection, judgment, the idea of a soul. In contiguous geometrical worlds these things are logical and understandable, even though to ‘this-world-only’ atheists they are ridiculous imaginings.
    We see a lot of belief in devils, in miracles, in good and evil spirits. Just talk with your friendly Wiccas and Satanists. Their recognition of spirit worlds makes it more probable that our view (the view of love) of the world is correct. Besides, there is Pascal’s wager, pointing out that Christian belief can reward while atheism surely leads to death. The labels: Thinking, Logical, Reasonable, Rational really belong to Christians more than to those proudly acclaimed agnostics. Get a copy of ‘Techie Worlds’ from amazon.com and see the reasonableness of Abbott’s explanation.

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