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Site Announcement

Tomorrow I will post an article which will be my submission for Sunday’s Humanist Symposium, which on this occasion is being hosted by my good friend Evanescent. I apologize for my silence in recent weeks, but I can make no promise that this will mark a return to regular posting. My passion and desire for blogging is all but gone at the moment, and while I continue to feel strongly about the harm that religion and superstition causes, I am not feeling the same drive to speak out.

As I’ve always said, I would rather not write than force the issue, and as long as I feel no strong urge to write, I will stay effectively retired. I read what I can when I can, and I will continue to comment as much as possible on others’ blogs. I may post a few thoughts from time to time or share videos, and other odds and sods that amuse me.

The only thing I feel certain of at the moment, is that my blogging days are not over. I do foresee a return to the level of quality and quantity that I have provided in the past at some point, but it will not be for a while. If anyone wants to remove me from their blogroll, I will completely understand. If anyone wants to email me, I’m never far away.

4 Responses to “Site Announcement”

  1. It seems to be a trend. I understand. I also haven’t been blogging much. Every now and then I do but I have lost some of my passion for it. While I have the same ideas and ideals about the harm religion causes, I feel like I’ve said it all. And there’s no point. Mine was more of a ranting blog anyway. I’m a creative writer but not a journalist, so my posts don’t show off any writing abilities and I feel like I should move on. Though I don’t want to “give up”… I’ve actually been working on comingoutgodless.com, which means a lot more to me than just my personal rants. As long as there are more and more who keep writing and the atheist blog trend doesn’t dwindle, I’ll be happy. As long as someone is speaking for me (somewhat) because no one does in the “real” media.

  2. S’Okay with me, Tobe. I look forward to your return to full time blogging, but I know how you feel. I often wonder how long I’ll keep it up. Sometimes I feel like I’ve said all that I want to say, and then I read something that gets me thinking, and next thing you know, voila’, another rambling post.

    So, whenever….

  3. I’ll be watching for more tobe-fications in the future. You should send out e-announcements whenever you post.

  4. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a horrible case of writers’ block. I think it’s finally letting up, but damnit, it’s debilitating!

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