A Load of Bright
An atheist's views on religion and the supernatural

About the author

Tobe38 is white, English, male, aged 26, heterosexual and stands a strapping 5′ 7″ tall with a lean, muscular body protected by an insulative layer of flab. He has a full head of hair, but for some reason many people experience an incredible optical illusion, possibly through tricks of the light, and are under the mistaken impression that he is suffering from premature pattern baldness.

However, he considers all of these things to be arbitrary facts about him. He considers the choices he has made to be far more central to his identity. One such choice, was atheism. This does not mean that Tobe38 is angry, or had a bad experience with the church or has issues with his father. It simply means that he does not believe in any gods. He also lacks belief in any supernatural or paranormal phenomena. He believes that the universe is a wonderful and amazing place, without having to add any special, magical add-ons to improve it.

He supports Arsenal FC passionately and lacks support for Manchester United FC only slightly less passionately. He has lots of friends who like him, some of whom know his name. He used to enjoy films but has, of late, become somewhat disillusioned with the manufactured feel of most mainstream films. “Hollywood can shove itself”, he was recently heard to say. He plays football (badly), snooker (not quite as badly) and a bit of guitar (very badly, despite being the son of a world class jazz guitarist!). He speaks English fluently, and has adapted this skill to enable him to read. He particularly admires Richard Dawkins, Bob Carroll and Derren Brown. He is an excellent driver, and listens to all sorts of music as he’s doing it. He has an irritating habit (even to himself) of referring to himself in the third person.

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