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Tim Minchin and a Brief Update

July 30, 2009

Greetings to you all, that is to any readers who are still here and still awake.  I have risen from my own slumber but suspect that this will, alas, be a brief return.  My reason for writing after so long is simply too important for me not to try to exploit the modest popularity this […]

Site Announcement

December 13, 2007

Tomorrow I will post an article which will be my submission for Sunday’s Humanist Symposium, which on this occasion is being hosted by my good friend Evanescent. I apologize for my silence in recent weeks, but I can make no promise that this will mark a return to regular posting. My passion and desire for […]


November 5, 2007

If you are unaware of the current situation at the Internet Infidels Discussion Board, Ebonmuse can fill you in. Until the wrongs are put right, I am removing Internet Infidels and IIDB from my links. On another note, I apologise for my continued negligence of my blogging duties. I do at least have some ideas […]

Must-Read Posts and another Milestone

September 12, 2007

Well folks, it’s six months today since A Load of Bright first graced the internet. As I promised, I’ve added the Must-Read Posts section to the sidebar to mark the occasion. At present, they’ve all been voted for by readers, but I may add one or two of my own at some point. (I’m also […]

Must-Read Posts

August 23, 2007

In a few weeks time I will be celebrating (as, I’m sure, will you) six months of writing A Load of Bright. As I now have a respectably large reader base (including some people who are not even related to me) and a reasonably substantial archive, I have decided to mark the occasion by introducing […]