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Another Dawkins Review – the Mind Boggles

October 11, 2007

Google News Alerts brought to my attention this article by Kyle Lee in the Chicago Maroon, entitled Dawkins’s militant atheism delusional, in which he discusses some of his grievances with Dawkins and, in particular, his book The God Delusion. Unfortunately, Lee forgot to do one teeny, tiny thing that could have helped him out a […]

Dawkins vs. McGrath – The Lost Interview

June 13, 2007

Regular readers will know my thoughts on Alister McGrath from my previous articles. In an article in the Daily Mail, he had this to say about an alleged recording of Dawkins interviewing him for his documentary The Root of All Evil?, which was left out of the final cut. We were also filmed having a […]

The Santa Claus analogy – too complicated for Alister McGrath

March 12, 2007

I have not yet read Christian apologist Alister McGrath’s book The Dawkins Delusion so I will defer discussion on that front until I have. My grief today with Dawkins’ biggest critic is over his misunderstanding of a simple analogy that he has made on more than one occasion. This article was published on the Daily […]