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Site Announcement: Another Milestone

June 5, 2007

Yesterday, this site received its 10,000th hit, just one week short of its three month anniversary. So, whoever it was that accidentally found their way to my blog while looking for porn around 9:30pm (GMT) last night, email me, and I’ll send you a beer voucher.

An Impromptu Carnival

June 4, 2007

Even though I’ve become aware of more atheist blogs since I started this site, I’ve found myself with less and less time to actually read them. More than ever, I find myself ‘scan-reading’. In recent weeks, I’ve found that the emphasis has shifted more and more on to the ‘scanning’ rather than the ‘reading’, and […]

Blogroll Update

May 27, 2007

The Blue Linchpin is the newest member of my blogroll (hat tip to the Spanish Inquisitor for bringing it to my attention). The author is a 16 year old girl, who introduces her maiden post with this passage. I’m slowly dying of cancer (I’m estimated to have a year at the least), and because of […]

Site Announcement: A Date for your Diary

May 25, 2007

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting the 76th Carnival of the Godless, on September 30th 2007 here at A Load of Bright. I will, of course, remind you all nearer the time, but please feel free to mark your calenders with a big X.

The Beginners Guide to Starting a Blog

May 21, 2007

Not one of my most cryptic titles, but there you go. Just a note before I begin. This is not a guide written by an expert, experienced, seasoned blogger. It is written by a beginner. That’s why it’s called “The Beginners Guide…”. I know quite a few seasoned bloggers, and I sincerely hope they will […]

Carnival Alert

May 20, 2007

The 2nd Humanist Symposium, including my article The Control Group, is now up at Confessions of an Anonymous Coward. The first edition was everything it was billed to be, I can’t wait to see what the follow up has to offer! The next edition will be held at Black Sun Journal on June 10th.

Blogroll Update

May 14, 2007

I have another new addition, ladies and gentlemen, to my esteemed blogroll. I give you Letters from Le Vrai. The writer, Juno Walker, describes the blog with the subtitle, “Analysis and commentary from a naturalistic perspective”, and promises to tackle issues including, “education, foreign policy, criminal justice, social justice, addiction & behavioral health, human sexuality, […]

Carnival Alert

May 13, 2007

The 66th Carnival of the Godless, including my Book Review: The Dawkins Delusion, by Alister McGrath is now up at The Atheist Experience. Edit: The next edition, on May 27th, will be hosted at Letters from a Broad (not Friendly Atheist, as I was originally lead to believe).

Carnival Alert

April 29, 2007

The eagerly awaited inaugural edition of the new blog carnival The Humanist Symposium, including my article The Credit We Deserve, is now up at the founding site, Daylight Atheism. I believe this carnival will quickly be established as a key channel of atheist writing. Please pay a visit and savour the first of what I’m […]

Carnival Alert

April 25, 2007

The 37th Carnival of the Liberals, including my article Positive Discrimination (whince!), is now up at BogsBlog.