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For the Feeling Inside

July 21, 2007

It has been rightly said that the “atheist” can’t find God for the same reason a thief can’t find a policeman. Ray Comfort This is not exactly a great analogy, but it is in keeping with the standard I have come to expect from this particular writer. I emailed Comfort a response to this article […]

Absent Friends

June 9, 2007

Today is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 61, but she had a sudden heart attack and died 12 years ago, when I was 13 and my brothers were 17 and 5. No-one need ever tell me that Christians can be good, she was all the evidence I will ever need of that. My […]

A New Argument against the Death Penalty

June 1, 2007

I am opposed to capital punishment. That is not to say I don’t think strong arguments can be made in its favour, on the contrary, I think it is a very difficult dilemma to decide, and by no means clear cut. Personally, I find the idea of an innocent man being executed in error so […]

A ray of sunshine in the dark

March 24, 2007

Have you ever caught eyes with a stranger across a room, just for a moment or two, and felt that you made a connection with them? Like you shared a moment together, like they would remember it forever and maybe look back on it many years later in their life. Not as a story to […]

Catholic Discrimination Agencies

March 20, 2007

A battle has been raging in Britain for some months now over new anti-discrimination legislation being introduced by the government. Under the new laws, no adoption agency will be allowed to reject any application from potential parents on the grounds of their sexual orientation. The objection from the Catholic Church has been as fierce as […]

What free thought means to God

March 15, 2007

I am a free thinker. To me, that means that there are no restrictions, checks or filters on the information my mind processes. Raw data, as my mind computes it, does not have to be fed through a belief system before I can decide whether to accept it or reject it. I can assess any […]

A Victory for the Drug Law Defenders

March 13, 2007

Earlier this month, an extremely dangerous, persistent drug criminal was read the riot act in a British court and threatened with a prison sentence for any further offence. This heinous villain, this monstrous mobster, this threat to the very fabric of our society, was none other than 68 year old grandmother of two, Patricia Tabram […]

An Atheist’s Sonnett

March 12, 2007

A weeping child looks up at godless skies The bonds between brothers torn asunder Cold heart, blind eye, deaf ear, unanswered whys Life destroyed, God’s whim, or Nature’s blunder? A million men to come lost in the dust Empty human throne left unsucceeded And up above the heavens rot and rust Never touched, it seems […]