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Crossing Over With Tobe

October 6, 2007

Many people hold the view that if God exists, then he is supernatural and, therefore, beyond the realm of science – which can only study the natural – to discuss. The same could be said of anything supernatural, from ghosts to telepathy; if science can study it then it is no longer supernatural. It is, […]

The Absence of Evidence

September 20, 2007

Quite a few times, recently, I have heard Christians cite the time-worn words “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. It’s a catchy sound bite and a highly successful meme, but it is utterly false. Absence of evidence most certainly is evidence of absence. Before I explain why, I think it’s important to understand […]

On Transcendental Meditation II: Ayurvedic Medicine

July 31, 2007

The Maharishi likes to have different fingers in different pies. He has tried to develop TM not just into a relaxation technique, but a way of life, with a rival TM version for all of your every-day needs. In this second article of the series, I will be looking at the Movement’s approach to healthcare, […]

The Engine and the Bushfire

July 12, 2007

I found this video on You Tube, which was created by John F. Weldon. I think it makes a very good point, that while there are disputes within science just as there are disputes within and between religions, they manifest themselves in very different ways. Disputes within science are professional, not personal. They are conducted […]

How Do You Know That?

July 6, 2007

Critical thinking is a complicated subject. You can study structures of arguments, syllogisms, logical fallacies, science, philosophy, epistemology and ontology, all in the name of improving your critical thinking skills. You can learn the difference between an inductive and a deductive argument, contrary and contradictory statements, and a properly constructed argument compared to a simple […]

UK Faith Schools Petition Update

June 25, 2007

Back in April I urged my British readers to sign an online petition to ban faith schools in the UK. The Prime Minster’s office has now responded to that petition. The Government remains committed to a diverse range of schools for parents to choose from, including schools with a religious character or “faith schools” as […]

Meeting Richard Dawkins: Update

June 21, 2007

As I previously told you all, earlier in the month I attended a radio interview with Richard Dawkins, and was lucky enough to ask him a question. I have now received this email from the BBC regarding the broadcast date. Here are the listening details: You can listen to the Richard Dawkins World Book Club […]

My Recommended Reading

June 19, 2007

I’ve always been fascinated by de-conversion stories. I couldn’t even estimate how many I’ve read, I really can’t get enough of them. I’ve always pestered my friend Ellis14 (author of Evanescent), who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness to write his, but he’s always been reluctant. He has now finally written it, and as soon […]

Dawkins vs. McGrath – The Lost Interview

June 13, 2007

Regular readers will know my thoughts on Alister McGrath from my previous articles. In an article in the Daily Mail, he had this to say about an alleged recording of Dawkins interviewing him for his documentary The Root of All Evil?, which was left out of the final cut. We were also filmed having a […]

Meeting Richard Dawkins

June 8, 2007

Last week I was contacted by a researcher at the BBC. The World Service had scheduled Richard Dawkins to be interviewed on the monthly World Book Club program about The Selfish Gene, and he was looking for fans to offer questions that could be put to Dawkins during the recording. The researcher, having found this […]