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My Blogroll

If you would like me to add you to my blogroll, please send me an email with “Blogroll request” in the subject title and, of course, your URL.

I don’t link to just anyone who asks me to, or who links to my blog. Your blog must have either atheism or scepticism as a main theme, although if it doesn’t but I like it, it may make it into my “other links” section. In some cases I may link to religious websites if I think that a positive, open minded approach to atheism is encouraged there. You must also be posting new articles regularly.

I will also visit your blog to make sure that I’m happy that it will be helpful to my readers. I can’t say that I read every blog in my blogroll regularly, but I can say that I have visited each and every one of them and read enough to deem it of a high enough standard to recommend to my readers. A reciprocal link is appreciated, but not mandatory.

I will try to make an announcement about each new blog I add, giving a brief overview and the reasons I am adding it. I commented briefly on most of the blogs I link to in this post.

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