A Load of Bright
An atheist's views on religion and the supernatural

Why “A Load of Bright”?


“The brights movement was started by Paul Geisert and Mynga Futrell in 2003 to provide a positive-sounding umbrella term, bright, to describe various types of people who have a naturalistic worldview, without casting that worldview as a negative response to religion (as the terms atheist, infidel or non-believer may be seen as doing). The hub of the brights movement is the The Brights’ Net web site.

Co-founder of the Brights’ Net Paul Geisert coined the term, and Mynga Futrell defined a bright to be “a person whose worldview is naturalistic—free of supernatural and mystical elements. A bright’s ethics and actions are based on a naturalistic worldview.” The naturalistic worldview may take many forms, ranging from methodological naturalism to metaphysical naturalism.”


The name of my site uses the term ‘bright‘ in this context. It is also a play on words with a common English slang expression “a load of shite” (‘shite’ being an alternative to ‘shit’). This may not be grasped by all of my non-British readers, but trust me, it’s hilarious.

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