A Load of Bright
An atheist's views on religion and the supernatural

Why “Tobe38”?

“Tobe” (rhymes with “globe”) is an abbreiviation of my first name, “Toby”. Everyone who knows me calls me “Tobe” for short. The only person who calls me “Toby” is my dad, when I’m in trouble. Yes, I still get into trouble at 26!

Until a few years ago I considered 38 to be my lucky number. I thought it was a number that had great significance for me, and that it always ‘came up’ when I needed it to. In actual fact, I was falling prone to confirmation bias. Although I certainly don’t consider it significant to me supernaturally anymore, I still find it, in some way, pleasing. If someone put me on the spot and asked me to pick a number at random, it would certainly be 38.

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