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A New Planet in the Atheist Solar System

Planet Atheism has become part of the furniture in the atheosphere (if you’ll allow me to mix my metaphors!). It was a wonderful project that Pedro of Way of the Mind took on, and it’s been hugely successful, and rightly so. We are all very grateful to him.

Having said that, we all tend to put the emphasis on atheism, and forget to stress the importance of humanism. Rather than simply deconstructing religion, we need to also make the case to those who have not made up their minds, or whose minds can be changed, that there is something to put in its place. Ebonmuse of Daylight Atheism hit upon this point when he founded the Humanist Symposium to complement the Carnival of the Godless. Now Nullifidian has given us a new blog aggregator, Planet Humanism, to accompany Planet Atheism.

I have already submitted A Load of Bright to be included, and I encourage all my fellow humanist bloggers to do likewise. I hope my readers will join me in wishing Nullifidian all the best for this project, and on top of offering my own blog as a contribution, I will support it in any way I can.

7 Responses to “A New Planet in the Atheist Solar System”

  1. Hi Tobe, thank you for the kinds words and the pimpage.

  2. Lol. Always a pleasure, never a chore, my friend. 🙂

  3. What a great idea. I expect there will be considerable overlap between this one and the atheist one, but I think we’ll see some diversity too. I’m in.

  4. tobe:

    This is a worthy and well stated promo you’ve written. Of course I “signed up” as soon as I saw nully’s call.

  5. I’m in too.

    Null, you need to give us a small banner to add to the page.

  6. @SI

    I’ll get onto it, still trying to play catch-up with the applications (and fix those pesky CSS bugs). 🙂

  7. Tobe, thanks for the heads up and Nullifidian, many thanks for PH – just what I need to keep track of all this stuff. May your tribes increase!

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