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Final Post and New Blog

This will be the last ever post on A Load of Bright.

I am starting a new blog today called One for One, for reasons that I explain in my Inaugural Post.  I will be writing under the handle tobyselwyn, my real name.

I thoroughly enjoyed the six months in which I wrote regularly on this blog.  I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who ever visited, read and commented, or contributed in anyway to its success.  I will leave the site up as an archive.

I hope to see you at One for One.  If not, I wish you all the very best.


2 Responses to “Final Post and New Blog”

  1. Whoaa! Nong time no see. Happy to see you are writing again. I liked the black look & feel here, stood out from the crowd (tho I sadly admit, looks a bit last century), sad you didn’t keep it.

    Tho moral theory is not my cup of tea, I’ll give that a try – I never forgot A Load of Bright, because in this place I changed my views on patriotism, and I never really forgot that. Let’s see if I change anything else there. Or – since you “disagree with pretty much everything you wrote relating to philosophy and politics”, let’s see if you disagree with what you wrote on patriotism and can change me back (somehow I doubt that, but I too welcome new evidence).

  2. Thanks Petrucio!

    I did always quite like the appearance of this site, but I wanted my new one to be distinct from this one in all matters, including aesthetics. I may still change the appearance at One for One, it’s still in quite a mouldable state (I hope).

    I’m glad my writing affected you in the past, particularly as I haven’t really changed my mind about patriotism (must have forgotten that one!). I think it can be valid within certain contexts, e.g. Americans have every right to be proud of the constitution and if people who share your geographical location also share your values and principles then there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging and celebrating that through patriotism. But that’s as far as it goes, any attempts to build a philosophy/world view upon it are bound to spell trouble for everyone.

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