A Load of Bright
An atheist's views on religion and the supernatural

An Atheist’s Sonnett

A weeping child looks up at godless skies

The bonds between brothers torn asunder

Cold heart, blind eye, deaf ear, unanswered whys

Life destroyed, God’s whim, or Nature’s blunder?

A million men to come lost in the dust

Empty human throne left unsucceeded

And up above the heavens rot and rust

Never touched, it seems they won’t be needed.

With Paradise swamped in darkness, where’s the light?

If God won’t answer our prayers, then who will?

If all alone, who’ll help us win the fight

Against those who, truth and reason, try to kill?

Then through the smoke, no angel, but a man

Appears, and to the child says, “take my hand”.

One Response to “An Atheist’s Sonnett”

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